Different colours hint-button and hint text in Nightmode


I’m have styled my cards in a way that if the colour of the hint is ‘Darkblue’ but the colour of the text when the hint is revealed is ‘Black’.

But when I switch to ‘Nightmode’ the colour of the hint turns into ‘light blue’. Which I can’t see very well in my card. I’ve changed it by putting this in the styling field:

.nightMode .hint {
color: Darkblue;

It works, but now when the text of the hint is revealed, it’s also ‘Darkblue’. How can I change that into ‘Black’ again?

So how can I use different colors for the text of the ‘Hint button’ and the hint itself in Nightmode?

Thank you.

Does using something like this instead fix the issue?

.nightMode a.hint {
  color: Darkblue;

I recall that the text of the hint (a div element) has the same CSS class as the hint button (an anchor element), which is what is causing this behavior.


Yes! It works! Thank you very much. I tried the whole morning to figure this out.