How to change color

I use dark theme. How to change the gray color here? It’s {{type: }} thing.
Sorry my english. Screenshot_2020-08-14_21-08-54

press Edit on the card, then go to Styling and add these lines there.

.typeGood {background: red}
.typeBad {background: green}
.typeMissed {background: blue}

Thank you!

don’t forget the override the night mode colors in case you are using it

I don’t understand :confused:

I meant using .nightMode if he or she wants to modify the colors in night mode as well. Judging by his or her screenshot it seems he or she is night mode.

By the way I think you missed the semicolons.

.typeMissed {background: blue;}

when you don’t use .nightMode it affects both night and day mode
when you use .nightMode, it’ll just affect night mode

about the semicolon, i didn’t really see them necessary as the background was the only thing that i was gonna change

I think it is a good practice, the default declarations do have semicolons.