Desktop and Mobile styling editing

I have a card(s) that has some wierd in-card styling in mobile (proabably from cutting and pasting content - which was created on desktop) code begins <span style=… and when I go to the card EDIT function on Android I can see this styling and delete.

Yet when I look at the same card on desktop PC in editor I don’t see the styling code - (though sometiimes the styling is still there) I am obviously not understanding hwere this code is on PC which is where I usually want to edit m y cards

I can’t see any card content (Apex Beat…) in-card styling in either of the Front Template, Back Template or Styling windows in the PC editor.

See attached screenshots of Android card editor and PC card editors difference

Where do I find this in-card styling code (<span style=…) on the desktop card editor?

You can see the underlying HTML in AnkiDesktop by clicking the < > above the field in the note editor (what you see in the Browse window). Adding/Editing - Anki Manual

Yes, those HTML tags were probably pasted in. You can avoid that in future by using Ctrl + Shift + V to paste without formatting.


Thank you!

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