Deleted by mistake cards


I deleted one deck or two decks bc I thought they were filtered decks. But there was a yellow box down left on my screen that appeared after deleting the decks and there was a text that said: 80 cards are deleted. Then I clicked on undo to get the lost cards back but I don’t know if it worked. I don’t know how to check if I got my lost cards back. Can you guys somehow check it and help me pls? Bc I spend so much time on the cards and really need them for my exam.

Best wishes Marit

You could try to load a backup, and check if the number of cards if the same as in the backup. If you have added cards (in the deck that you have deleted) more recently than in the last backup, though, this will not work. See the manual entry.

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Click the Browse button to open the card browser and check if one of the cards deleted is back.

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