Default Image Size in 2.1.53

@dae While I agree that making images actual size by default is a good idea, the new method that makes every image large until you make it small really defeats the purpose of being able to make them small. For me, when I want them large it’s because I want to read the content in them. When I want them small, I want ALL images in the deck small so that I can quickly sort through my cards, etc. Ideally there should be a toggle for this. I’ve also mentioned that it would be nice to be able to control how small they actually go. In the past I used the max image height add-on to make them 100px when I was really just sorting through text on cards and other times I made it 300px so it was small, but still legible enough and other times I didn’t want a max height because I was actively looking through things. As someone using decks that have images of medical diseases but also images of text, I think it’s pretty important to have more control over this and the current method feels like a step backward.

@hengiesel I know you’ve been the one working on this so tagging you as well in case you plan to make further modifications

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From the other thread about this:

Making the setting notetype or even field-specific would overcomplicate things imho. I believe most users would be happy with a two-way or three-way switch that toggles a global setting.

Here’s an example:

Poll: What would you prefer?

  • Global size constraint (with editor toolbar toggle)
  • Notetype-specific size constraint
  • Field-specific size constraint (with field toggle)

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I agree. A global constraint with editor in the toolbar seems to address most situations well without overcomplicating and you’d still have the ability to minimize or maximize a single image temporarily by double clicking.