Dark red highlight in browser mode

Using MacOS and after an update a few months ago I noticed some cards are highlighted in dark red/burgundy. This is not the same color as the red flag color. Perhaps I never noticed this highlight before, but I can’t figure out what is the cause that triggers the entry to be highlighted. Does anyone know?

Is this the color you are referring to? If so, it highlights buried cards. You should be able to confirm by searching is:buried.

The feature was introduced in version 2.1.58, when Anki added the Toggle Bury function
(which did not work correctly on automatically-buried cards, due to a bug that was fixed in version 2.1.60).

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That seems to be it. I have about 10% of my cards in one deck buried but no clue why. These aren’t new cards.

Maybe you have Bury review siblings and/or Bury interday learning siblings active?

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Ah, I believe that was the source of it. I toggled those options off and will see if that changes the behavior. Thank you!

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