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Customization of button scheduling interval

I want to customize scheduling of each button as mentioned bellow, just for one of my specific decks.

as you can see, there’s 4 button there:
Again: <1m
Hard: <15m
Good: 1d
Easy: 1d

Now Here is my preferred scheduling:
Again: <1m
Hard: <15m
Good: 1d
Easy: 1d ¦ (then) 2d ¦ (then) 3d ¦ (then) 4d and so on…

I mean, I’m okay with 1,2 and 3rd button scheduling and my problem is with 4rd button; Easy.
I prefer each time that I hit Easy button, anki change the scheduling just for Easy button and shift it one day cumulatively! in other word:
hit Easy : schedule 1d
hit Easy : schedule 2d
hit Easy : schedule 3d
and so on…

Now how can I change settings to achieve this kind of scheduling?

It seems that you don’t know how the anki algorithm works, you can watch this video

You mean my preferred scheduling is impossible due to anki algorithms?