Custom scheduling code disappeared after syncing bw multiple devices?

Hey everyone,

I recently started using FSRS4Anki and set all the custom scheduling data up on my laptop computer, made sure I saved to all decks and subdecks, and rescheduled all cards based on this new scheduling data. I wanted to also port this new custom scheduling to my desktop computer and iPad, and I updated/enabled V3 scheduler for all those devices as well. However, it seems that the custom scheduling code has been erased from all my devices–it did not appear after syncing on my desktop and iPad, and it has now even disappeared from the initial device I saved it on, my laptop, as well.

Is the custom scheduling code a part of the normally synced data? Why did the custom scheduling code disappear from my laptop; was it overwritten by syncing of my desktop/iPad’s initial custom-scheduling-less state? And how can I avoid this happening in the future when I sync between multiple devices and change the custom scheduling code?

I don’t know what happened in the process of syncing. Maybe you need report it to @dae.

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If you performed some action on the device without the changes and then synced it, it could have reverted your changes to the state that device was in. You can avoid this by ensuring you always sync first thing and last thing before switching devices: Syncing in Anki: Getting Started - YouTube

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