CSS `min-width` seems not to be working in AnkiMobile 20088.3

I have observed a change in the rendering of a couple of my templates where it appears that a min-width setting on an element with display: inline-block is no longer being respected. The issue may be more complicated, but before I dig in to try to figure out what the problem is, I want to check whether anyone knows of a change in the latest AnkiMobile betas since release that might be affecting it.

I have also tested in the Anki beta 2.1.55rc2 for Mac Intel QT 6, which does not have this issue.

This may be an unintended side-effect of the the styling tweaks to the various pages. If you’re able to narrow it down to a minimum reproducible example, the issue may become clearer.

Maybe you have fixed the offending tweak, because now it appears resolved in 20088.5. I made a screenshot at a particular card in both release and 20088.3, and now I have gone back to look at the exact card in 20088.5, and it matches release again in this regard.

Thanks for confirming.

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