Creating an anki card (deck) apkg sqlite

I have successfully made text base exports for anki from our flutter app. However, imports are not available in mobile. Our app is a flutter based sqlite app and I see that you have sqlite zipped format. I think you might take json imports on mobile too?

I have taken a peek inside but there are many many tables. However, it looks like just the card table and the note table are written for my 7 note test export. I saw some docs on the tables, but there is no simple guide for simple card creation (because it is rare).

My idea was to have an empty db or sql creation text file in the assets and then write cards and notes tables. Can I get some guidance on this? I have not seen anything easy to use guide for developers.

If I can be given the bare minimum of what is needed to write a two field note type that would be very helpful. Although it is just two fields our notes are complex html with summary and detail fields. (they work fine in desktop csv imports).

About our app. We have an app that helps people read the Pali Buddhist texts with “some” knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. The dictionary lookups work on a single click of a word displays the definition(s) according to several user selected dictionaries. We keep track of the lookup-history of clicked words and with the power of flutter created a flashcard screen with no tracking or spaced learning (yet). Our noncommercial userbase has 2400 active installs on Android alone for Tipitaka Pali Reader.

So nice to see you on discourse now! Are you hosted for free as an FOSS project on discourse-org or do you host your own on DO? I host my own discourse server and it is easy to make one click google sign-ins. I’d be happy to teach you how to do this. It is very easy. although a little nervous when you go to the terminal screen to add plugins and “rebuild” the app. However, it is just one github repo line in the plugin section and it is part of the standard process. classicaltheravada[dot]net We also have emoji likes too!

I’m afraid .apkg files were not intended for use with other apps, so there is very little documentation on them, and they can be difficult to get right. If your app is exporting only text, I would recommend it does so in a .csv format instead, which should work with the various Anki clients, and with other apps as well.

This forum is hosted by Discourse. I’m familiar with the SSO features, and may enable them at some future date.

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