Count review times since last review stage

I am trying to write a search query to understand how many cards are reviewed over 8 times in the last review stage. After 8 times, I think those cards are finished and no need to review.

What I want to get is the number of review times since the last review stage of a card. For example, in the card below, I reviewed 7 times, but 5 times are valid (in red box) since the last review stage. If the card is never relearned in future, and the number of review times is over 8, I don’t want to review it again.


I read the document about searching, but nothing can do exactly what I want. Here are some related:

  • prop:reps<10
    • cards that have been answered less than 10 times
  • prop:lapses>3
    • cards that have moved into relearning more than 3 times

I turned to test the format in this way: prop:reps - prop:lapses > 8 which approximately can reach my goal. Unfortunately, the formular is not supported in Anki by now.

Please help if you have any ideas or workaround to make it.

Anki doesn’t have such a feature, but you could approximate it by picking cards that have an interval greater than x months.

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