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Correct font not showing up in reivew

Long story short: I created a constructed language font, using Hebrew as a base–when I select the font and switch to Hebrew, I can type this font. So I styled the card to show this font, and it shows up when I make the card–but not when I review the card, it reverts to Hebrew.

Please help? What can I do so the created font shows up in both places?

I don’t know if the css you wrote is correct or working but the editing font and the styling font are different.
Make sure the class is used in template, like:
<div class="mystyle1">{{Word}}</div>

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Thank you for the reply, I appreciate it. I guess I’m not quite understanding your answer. I think my question is: how do I preserve the font both in the editing and the styling field?

Never mind: if you go to “add field”, you can select your font for each card side. :slight_smile: