Core2.3k v3 (KKLC Order)

Support thread for my re-ordering of Core 2.3k to the order of Kodansha Kanji Learner’s Course (KKLC). Would link, but can’t, thanks to user level or whatever it’s called. Currently deck is in 24 hour waiting period for copyright ppl to check it

I don’t know how to edit again. Here’s a link to the deck Core2.3k v3 (KKLC Order - unofficial) - AnkiWeb

I’m currently looking to start KKLC but I want to be setup fully before I start. I wanted to find a deck where I could learn and review the new words for each reading of the 2300 kanji. This looks like it could be a great choice but I’m wondering why there is only 1972 notes? Wouldn’t this leave out many of the readings for each kanji as well as a few hundred in general not hitting 2300?

Core2.3k is a vocabulary deck similar to core2k, but with a somewhat different vocabulary attempting to be more general than the newspaper-focused core2k. It is called core2.3k because the first version of the deck had 2300 words. The 2300 is unrelated to the 2300 kanji in kklc. The third version of core2.3k has 1972 cards. This deck re-orders core2.3k v3 to introduce kanji in the order of kklc, but it is still a vocab deck, not a kklc kanji deck. It only includes about half the kanji that are in kklc, it includes a couple kanji not in kklc, and it includes some words that have no kanji. I don’t know that this is the deck you are looking for. You can read more about the deck this is a re-ordering of at Core 2.3k Anki Deck - Version 3 (Core2.3k) - Core2k/6k with improvements! | Anacreon DJT

Ahhh okay! I appreciate the super fast response. I suppose maybe this wouldn’t fully fit what I am trying to do but still I would love if someone managed to complete a deck that had the qualities of this one.

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