Control Pleco with Anki? [Chinese]

Hi all,

A weird question, that will sound probably very lazy,
but does anyone have an idea if it’s possible to control Pleco from Anki somehow, via html and/or JavaScript ?

I found a good setup on iPad where I have Pleco on the side of the screen to check definitions or character etymology, and I wish there was a way to just trigger a word definition to appear with a push of a button. That would save a lot of time when reviewing I think !
I have already set a html button to reveal order of strokes for instance.

Curious to know if any html / js expert around here has a clue !
Thanks in advance.

I have created such like that. When button click it open pleco with simplified characters in search box. It is provided by pleco.

<a id="plecoMobile" href="plecoapi://x-callback-url/df?hw={{Simplified}}" class="more-info-btn">

Anki-xiehanzi/back.html at master · infinyte7/Anki-xiehanzi · GitHub


Amazing, thank you so much it works beautifully !
I imagined there was a url API but I wasn’t sure how to name it.

I stole a bit bigger bit from your github, to include the icon button.

Now I realized the part of the API you use looks for the closest word correct?
I prefer to get all the search results instead (especially for homonyms with different tones)
so this bit I also received today on Pleco forum :
plecoapi://x-callback-url/s?q=(search term)

Anyway that’s just fantastic, thanks again for sharing !