Config not working

I’m editing an addon I have made, but when i try to get the config file (using a correct line of code copied from the addon guide) i get this error message:

I have tried copying a different config file in and get the same error, so I don’t think the error lies there.
Can anyone help me?
Anki Version: 2.1.26

Could you post the config files you used?

Here they both are:

I literally have no idea why I am getting this problem.

I think it should be:

    "hideSettingsIcon": false

Thank you but that isn’t where the error is. I was dealing with it as a string

I have no problem accessing the config file in Anki 2.1.28

I used the following simple code:

from aqt import mw

config = mw.addonManager.getConfig(__name__)

I have used that exact code before and it has worked, I think the problem is somewhere else.

I’ve ended up just not using it for now, so i guess this thread can be closed.