Combination of Cloze Deletion & Fill in the Blanks

I like that I can use Cloze Deletion to hide specific key words from a sentence that I need to be tested on. However, Cloze Deletion doesn’t let me type in the answer for the words that are hidden. I would like the option to type my answer to fill in the blanks.

Maybe this feature can be incorporated into the Basic (Type in the Answer) flashcard type. Currently, this flashcard option only lets us type an answer separate from our question. It would be useful if the Basic (Type in the Answer) flashcard type also included Cloze Deletion. This way, the answers to the question would become the words that I have concealed with Close Deletion. Instead of one box, there would be separate boxes for me to type in the answer for the blanks.

Many of my exams have this kind of format, therefore it would be useful to conceal specific words and fill in the blanks by typing our answer for each one.

Thank you

Just use this addon:

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Thank you for the add-on suggestion. I’m still hoping for this to become a built-in feature at some point though. It would be very helpful.