Cloze deletion cards working on laptop but not desktop

When reviewing Cloze Deletion cards on my laptop, it works correctly (I am able to type into separate text boxes for each cloze deletion and the text box changes colour (green/red/yellow) based on whether or not I am correct). However, on my desktop, when I try to review a Cloze Deletion card, I am only able to type into a single text box (irrespective of how many cloze deletions are on the card) and the text box does not change colour to reflect whether I am right or not. I have reviewed the same card on my laptop and desktop and found that only the laptop version works correctly. The card template for cloze deletion on both devices are exactly the same, so I’m not too sure how to fix this - would really appreciate some help!.

Anki card on my desktop

Same card on my laptop
anki problem 2

What operating systems are your laptop and you desktop?

My laptop is a Mac and my desktop is Windows. I also forgot to mention that my Anki cards on the desktop were working correctly yesterday - this problem just started today.

I don’t think what you are doing is possible in vanilla Anki, so you probably have an add-on that allow you to type-in in cloze-deletions on your laptop. Just install it on your desktop too.

The add-ons I have on both devices are exactly the same - the desktop version has been working perfectly since I started using it (several months ago) and suddenly stopped working today. That’s why I wasn’t sure what happened and thought I may have accidentally modified a setting/viewing option. I checked the front template and back template on both devices and both seem to be exactly the same so I’m really not sure what has happened.

Maybe you should contact the developer of the add-on for some help? If this is related to their add-on, it’s going to be hard to find help here.

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Okay I might give that a go - thank you!