Chrome extension for sentence mining and natural-sounding speech with Netflix

I have been using Netflix to learn a new language and was looking for ways to automate the process of importing subtitles and text-to-speech audio to Anki.

I ended up creating this Chrome extension to:

  • Display dual, human-made subtitles on screen at the same time

  • Merge subtitle lines into a complete sentence and export it to a .csv file which can be imported into Anki - it can also export subtitles in 2 languages simultaneously and pair the sentences in one language with the sentences in the other language

  • Convert subtitle sentences into natural-sounding speech (sounds much more human than the standard robotic voices) to improve listening and speaking skills - the resulting content (speech audio for each sentence + written sentence) can then be imported into Anki

It’s available at Multiflix - Chrome Web Store

Thank you.

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