Chinese characters and pinyin not recognized in ANKI under Linux Mint 64


Here is my problem. I am running ANKI on Linux Mint 19.3 (Tricia). I installed ANKI for chinese.
Ibus was already present on my system and I loaded Chinese with relevant packages that goes with it…
It semed that ANKI prefered to use Fcitx to Ibus, so I also installed it.

I am presently facing 3 problems :

  1. I manage to write in Chinese in open office trough Ibus but as soon as I switch on ANKI Ibus turns on french straight away (I am french using Mint in French).

  2. When I write in pinyin (phonétical codification of Chinese in latin alphabet), it switches Azerty (which is the french keyboard) into Qwerty (anglo american keyboard)

  3. On open office (I believe the solution will also work on ANKI) I don’t understand how to write pinyin (in addition to latin alphabet, pinyin put specific accents on some letters to indicate the tones (very important in Chinese).

Someone could please help me to get through ?
Thanks in advance.