Check Media - no option to delete oversized unused file?

[Yes – searched, checked resources, verified reproducible.]

I just unnecessarily attached a 245MB mov file to a note – just testing something, no good reason :sweat_smile: . When I was done, I used undo to return the note to normal, and then Check Media to get rid of the unneeded file.

But Check Media isn’t including it in the list of “Unused files” eligible for deletion – only in the list of “Over 100MB” files that it isn’t planning to sync.

Before clicking delete –

and after –

I would think that Unused would be a more important characteristic than oversized – since if it’s not used, I don’t really care whether it will sync or not. Is this the expected behavior – and I have to dig the file out of myself?

Yes, you need to manually open the media folder. Such large files are rather rare, and it’s not clear what an in-app action would do - presumably the user would want to re-encode them or shorten them rather than simply delete them.

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I’m out of the ordinary – I can accept that! Thanks!

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