Chatbot for medical students indexed on anki notes, pdfs, docs, other notes: seeking developer help for AI/LLM engineering

I’m a medical student creating a chatbot to quickly search for and retrieve relevant information from various sources, whether studying for an exam or researching a case study for clinic. The ability to access information quickly can be the difference between life and death for patients.

Objective: create a script that can handle multiple file formats (handle Anki cards with different fields containing HTML, CSS, and embedded images), support both cloud and local storage, have a flexible file structure, and provide customizable search options, and be able to run in a Jupyter Notebook or IPython environment, where IPython.display can render the HTML and images directly.

I have minimal programming experience, but attempted a first pass in this Google colab notebook. I’m confident better models and more sophisticated methods exist, it’s just well beyond my level.

Accessing the Anki information is currently my biggest hurdle. I’m hoping the anki community can help me out!

Please pm if you can help, I would appreciate it.

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