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Changing the audio triangle shape

Hi guys,
Is there any way to change these big triangles or make them smaller?

Same with the “solution arrows”, i havent found a way to customize them.


@Panda the class of the replay button is replay-button, so you can scale it like this:

.replay-button {
  transform: scale(0.8);

To change the icon, you can put a custom icon into your folder (prefix the file name with an underscore to prevent deletion on “Check Media”) and use it as background-image to display it instead of the default one:

.playImage {
  visibility: hidden;
.replay-button {
  background-image: url("_speaker.png");
  background-size: contain;

@Nici for your solution arrow, that would be:

#typearrow {
  color: red; /*<- or whatever */

@kleinerpirat Great, Thank you very much

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