Changing names of marks to own names (for specific decks too)

I wanna mark some cards, but i dont remember which color i choose for for a specific purpose. So i would like to give the tags (green, blue,…) specific names. Like (check the grammar, check the content - you are unsure about his validity,…)

On the next i would like to change the names only for specific card decks. I mostly learn languages with Anki, but some times also other thinks.

Thanks for help

You can rename flags with Anki for Desktop from the browser view (Anki 2.1.45+).

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You mean Anki-Web or Anki-Desktop ? And where i can do this? And are than changed for als decks or can i specify for which decks i wanna have these flag names?

Anki for Desktop, go to the card/note browser and rename them in the sidebar. This is for all decks then.