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I’m using the anking step 1 deck v12 from ankihub and I’ve changed the due date around 3 times till now because I wasn’t very consistent daily. However, the last time I rescheduled, the interval dates got reset as if they’re a new card. So how can I fix this.
This is my options for the deck and a screenshot of one of the cards info from the deck (but this applies to most of the cards that are due)

I’ve also looked into the forums, I think someone had a similar issue but the problem turned out to be his deck options or with his sync, I didn’t really understand. Also for extra information, I don’t use any other anki format other than the anki application on my laptop.
Thank you

The good news (I hope it’s good news to you) – you should stop doing that. You don’t need to be setting new due dates constantly. You’ll drive yourself crazy over the next few months/years doing that.

If you skip days [I think that’s what you are saying was your reason, but correct me] and cards become overdue before you get to them – just study them anyway. Whether you get them right or wrong – Anki will deal with that just fine. Leave the due dates alone, get back to studying, and grade your answers honestly.

I don’t see anything about that card that looks like it’s reset to New. When your cards are first introduced, the button intervals are about be 10m, 12h (or 1d), 1d, 7d, right?

The intervals you are seeing here look correct for a Review card with a 1d interval, 280 Ease, and your options.

  • Again 10m – relearning step = 10m
  • Hard 2d – current interval * hard interval = 1.2d (with fuzz)
  • Good 3d – current interval * ease = 2.8d (with fuzz/rounding)
  • Easy 4d – current interval * ease * easy bonus = 3.64d (with fuzz/rounding)

The only problem this card is suffering from is that you’ve abandoned your learning steps and keep resetting the interval to 1d. That won’t be an ongoing issue if you stop doing it.

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So by putting a new due date, I’m actively resetting the due intervals; did I understand that correctly?
Also, the reason I change the due date is because for example I want to unsuspend new cards from the deck according to the new boards and beyond videos I watch and I like to solve them first before doing the for example 300 cards I have due first. Is there a way to prioritize the order of the due cards? Because if I ignore the 300 for that day and keep them overdue, I could just do the specific new cards that I want without putting time for the old cards. As some days I don’t have time to do all of them

I also have another question. I have a specific date for my test and I need to finish the whole deck in time. How do I make sure that I’ll have completed the deck and graduated all cards to learned in time?

Sometimes – it depends on where the card starts from, and how you do it. But for these 3 times, yes. You can see that each “Manual” entry set the interval to 1d.

Yep! If you’re talking about unsuspending totally New cards and studying them before Review cards – Deck Options > Display Options > New/review order > Show before reviews. Then all of your “blue” New cards will be introduced before you “green” Review cards start appearing (“red” Learn cards are a different story).

[If you only want it like this some days, not every day – there could be other ways of doing this that are a better fit for you, like burying, or using a filtered deck. But I don’t want to overwhelm you with options!]

Take a look at the FAQ on this. You’ll want to do more than just graduate your cards to Review – you’ll want some time to continue reviewing them. The only thing you can truly predict right now is how many New cards you introduce each day. You want to make sure you get everything introduced well in advance of your exam date, so you can keep studying, dealing with lapses, using filtered decks to get focused study on certain subjects, etc.

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I didn’t understand what’s meant by new cards will have the same delay. Also if I added “!” that is what resets the interval, and if I didn’t add the ! it will keep the intervals the same?

and the cards that I accidentally resetted their intervals, there’s no way to get them back to their normal intervals?

If you use “Set Due Date” to set a New card to 1d from now, it will have a 1d interval – setting it to 6d from now, it will have a 6d interval – the “same delay” as the number of days until the due date.

For a Review card – yes, that is correct. These are the same directions that are in the Set Due Date box when you open it.

You can Forget/Reset them completely back to New, if you like – and introduce them again so they can go through the learning steps. Cards like this one never really had a chance to get a “normal” interval, but you want to set them to something else besides resetting them, there might be some thoughtful ways to approach that. You might want to consider each on its own – how many cards are we talking about? But it’s also okay to just leave them alone now and let the algorithm take over scheduling them when you study them.

average of 200 but i don’t know exactly which cards, they were from today’s due cards

200 per day for multiple days? You’re probably not going to want to go through those by hand.

Now that you understand better what you were doing – are there cards you are particularly concerned about that you want to check on? You might be able to search those up by card properties they have in common (in certain decks, introduced on a certain day, studied on a certain day, graded Hard on a certain day, etc.).

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No, I don’t have that info. It’s ok I’ll just study them again and by time it’ll adjust.
Thank you so much for all your help!

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