Change shade of flagged cards

The newer updates changed the shade of flagged cards, and it’s been really throwing me off. For example, the suspended cards used to be a dull yellow but now it’s a darker shade, closer to a mix of yellow and orange. This makes it difficult to differentiate between suspended cards and cards flagged orange.

The blue color that appears on cards when they’re selected is also much much darker than before, making it difficult to read the black text.

And I guess a small nitpick, but the shade of green used doesn’t really look like green to me. In this screenshot, the Amboss button seems much more like a normal green than the flagged cards.

Is there any way to change the shades of these colors without having to revert to a previous version? One of my necessary addons won’t work with the previous version now. Or is there some new setting for colors that I’m not seeing in Anki settings?

Currently on 2.1.61 QT6, MacOS.

(and yes, I am 100% sure I’m not colorblind lol)

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