Cards reseting and Anki out of sync

Hello! I was adding new cards when suddenly hundreds of my cards reseted. Now I have more than 700 news cards that, in fact, were way ahead in my learning steps (but still in the learning phase).

And to make worse, now I can’t sync my anki. It says that I will have to do a forced sync from or to my Ankiweb, but then a “Unable to sync. Connection timed out” message appears.

Someone knows what’s the problem?

In the panel the cards that reseted are classified as “New#number”

You are not using the v2 scheduler, so it was probably caused by suspending or using a custom study/filtered deck.

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Now that I think, the problem began when I suspended a card… but it’s normal that more than seven hundred cards were reseted? There is something that I can do to undo this problem? Now I can’t even sync my anki

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Thanks! The backup is done, but now it’s unable to sync, “connection timed out”. Any last tip? :slight_smile:

That sounds like temporary network issues - you may have more luck syncing on a different wifi network or via your phone.

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I used my phone’s internet on PC and it worked! Thank you very much, you saved me. Have a nice week :slight_smile: