Card in two different packs

Is it possible to place the same card in two different packs?

No. A card can only be in one deck at a time. (Although technically it is also “within” that deck’s parent decks.)

It’s a shame, because it prevents you from having several packages when they are used by different people, such as several children in a family.
In my opinion, this option should be integrated, but maybe the developer doesn’t have any children and won’t be able to understand it.

Or maybe he realizes that no two people are ever exactly the same, not even twins. We all have our own unique way of learning. Anki respects that and offers great tools to personalize cards and make them your own.

I would not want anyone else to mess with my cards, change their flags, edit their content, add hints and mnemonics, and whatever else is highly recommended to better memorize a card.

This does not mean you cannot share decks as a starting point. Export them and distribute them among your kids’ profiles.

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That’s a different issue entirely!

You definitely wouldn’t want the same card in decks for different people. A card carries with it all of its review history, which would be useless (and disruptive and inaccurate) to share among different kids.

As BookBorsch mentioned – you should create separate profiles for each child – Profiles - Anki Manual – so that they can have separate copies of the card and their study history can be preserved correctly.

You’ll export the deck, without scheduling information Exporting - Anki Manual, from one profile, and you can import that as a fresh deck to as many other profiles as you like. Packaged Decks - Anki Manual

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