Can't open browse/add on PC

My anki can open just fine and I can review my cards. But when I open the browse or add, they don’t appear on my screen. They show up in my taskbar as open, but I can’t get them to pull up on my screen. I’ve tried updating anki, resetting window sizes in preferences, updating my PC, restarting my PC, restarting Anki. The app works fine on my laptop. Any advice on how to resolve this would be great.

Have you checked your addons?

Yes, I tried that as well already and that didn’t change anything

Tell us about your Anki version, your operating system.

Anki: Version 24.06.3
PC: Windows 10 Pro, Version 22H2, 64 bit OS, x64-based processor

Do you have multiple displays? They could be opening on another screen. They could also be opening just “off” your screen. Windows can be funny about window-position sometimes.

If you select the window from the task bar (or Alt-Tab to it), you can use [Windows key] + [Left/right/up arrow] to move it to your main display.


Only one display, I have a gaming keyboard so no windows key

I have no idea which one worked tbh, I button mashed between ctrl, menu, and alt with the arrow keys and it suddenly shot onto my screen. Thank you so much!!!

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