Can't load addon Pull from Duolingo

I have been trying to add on “pull from Duolingo”, first I get a message saying it’s complete, but when I try to start it I “Add on has no configuration”. I’ve looked at everything I could to get it to load- no luck. I’ve gone through the process several times and reinstalled Anki, still no luck. Does anyone have a solution? I’m not a programmer, so changing anything internally on Anki is probably out of the question.

The add-on has a menu item under the Tools menu.

Did you follow the instructions on the add-on’s page at Pull from Duolingo - AnkiWeb ?

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I did follow the instructions to the best that I understood them.
I did finally get it to work. I missed the new line under the tools drop down that said Pull from Duolingo; I was looking in the add ons screen.
So, for now all is good with my add ons. thanks for responding.