Can't import CSV file in Anki


I can’t import CSV file in my Anki. I 've done it once, but now it’s not working, It doesn’t import even the same CSV file.

Which version of Anki are you using?
Can you share this CSV file?

Version ⁨2.1.63 (f356f177)⁩
Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.4.3 PyQt 6.4.0

"Many different professions are interested in understanding beauty.,“Многие различные профессии интересуются пониманием красоты.”
Cosmetic surgery can be very expensive.,“Косметическая хирургия может быть очень дорогой.”
Almost every culture agrees that a slim body is a sign of beauty.,“Почти каждая культура согласна, что стройное тело - признак красоты.”
More attractive people are usually more successful in life.,“Более привлекательные люди обычно более успешны в жизни.”
The Maasai tribe believe that beauty is about caring for how you look.,“Племя маасай считает, что красота - это забота о том, как вы выглядите.”

What is the full name of the CSV file you are importing, including directory and subdirectory names?

You are using version 2.1.63, and the changes for 2.1.64 include:
" * Fix inability to import csv when path contains single quote."

Could that by any chance be the problem?

In any case, you might want to upgrade to at least 2.1.66


Thank you a lot :). After ungrading it works!

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