Cannot add more, than 20 flashcard

Hello! I can not add more than 20 flashcard in one desk. I try include 21 card, but it’s not working. It’s don’t even save. And I have to create new desk for next 20 flashcard every time. I’ve never seen this problem before.

Hi, how do you know it is not working? Maybe you have a daily card limit on your deck that shows 20 remaining cards for today, a number that won’t get bigger because of the card limit. The cards are maybe there, just due tomorrow.

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Hi. I noticed this yesterday. Today I opened the Anki, but there’s still 20 flash card in the deck. I don’t think, it’s random. For example, the most popular deck in my app has 165 cards.

Click the gear menu next to the deck, click options, and check if any of the ‘daily limits’ are set.

If that’s not the issue, perhaps the cards are being put in a different deck? Try opening the browser (B) and searching for the cards you’ve created.


Some background: Anki's not showing me all my cards! - Frequently Asked Questions