Can you ad in iOS mobile verdion an option to maje subcategories?

Hello , Can you ad in iOS mobile version an option to make subcategories ?
I was using Anki in macOs and Window but yesterday I bought an Iphone.
How you can see in the screenshot that I add The first subcategories was created in my mac Anki and the last two categories were created in my Iphone. I was searching in all options the option that make subcategories but I cannot searching it.

Please developer, ad the option “make subcategory” in Anki mobile iOS please, thank you very much.

ps: my english is not good XD thank yoy to read that

You actually can. Do a light left swipe, choose “Rename”. You have to put two colon characters : in between the names, e.g.:

Accounting and Finance::1 year
Accounting and Finance::2 year


thanks i go to try that Xd

One more quedtion. Is it posible move “A” folder to “C” folder ?

Rename it B::C::A


QAQ thankssssssss