Button that would make answers appear line-by-line


I am trying to use Anki to memorize texts (poems, songs, speeches, etc).
Notes have two fields : “title” and “text” and only one card, where the prompt is “title” and the answer is “text”.

I break down a given poem/song/speech into a number of “text” chunks which I find easy to digest.

For example, a card’s prompt could be the “Song title - Stanza 1”.
I quickly recite it, I click on “Good” and the “text” reveals itself. If I spot an error, I undo “Good” and click on “Again” or “Hard” instead.

Is there a way to create a button for the card where every click would reveal a new line of “text” ?

I define “text” as a string of characters where “lines” are separated by “<br>”.
So a note would be :

Prompt :
The raven. Verses 1-2.

Once upon a midnight dreary,<br>
while I pondered, weak and weary,<br>
Over many a quaint and curious<br>
volume of forgotten lore

Clicking on “Good” after the prompt would reveal only “Once upon a midnight dreary,”.
A click on the button that I envision would reveal “while I pondered, weak and weary,”.
Another click on the button would show “Over many a quaint and curious”, and so on.

I have almost no knowledge of HTML scripting but I am willing to learn. I would like to know :

  1. is what I envision even possible within the Anki/HTML framework, without writing a Python add-on ?
  2. if so, what commands/concepts should I look at ?

I did try the LPCG add-on, which is great, but I am looking for something simpler that I can tinker myself. Thanks in advance !

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