Bulk deleting or filtering duplicates when one has been edited

Hi all,

I have a deck downloaded a long time ago that seems to contain many duplicate cards. Studying the deck this wasn’t initially a problem (I may have set it to hide duplicates in the past), but now I’m modifying many of the cards to provide better translations Anki seems to be showing me the modified and the duplicated (i.e. unmodified) version. At first I thought my edits hadn’t been saved!

What I would like to do ideally is to delete the ‘duplicates’ as a group but in a way, if possible, that would conserve the ones I’ve edited. In other words, I don’t want to randomly delete one of each pair but rather to delete the unedited one of the pair. It seems possible that it’s been showing me the first of the two each time, and so I would have edited the first of each pair. But not sure.

Any help very much appreciated!

I’m not aware of an automated way to do this, but you could use Find Duplicates in the browse screen to tag the duplicates, and then view them in sort order with the modified column shown to see which one is newer.

Many thanks for your reply! I’ve added the duplicate tags, but don’t see a way to view or sort by modified date. The columns are (translating): Order, Note, Cards, Tags. (Please see screenshot pasted below for what this looks like).

Is there a way to show extra sort columns, or would I needed to have somehow added this information myself in the past? I’ve looked through the forums because this step seems simple but didn’t find a reply, but this might be me missing something. Sorry in advance for the amateur questions, I spent a lot of time with Anki about ten years ago but am now very rusty!

I found a plugin that does exactly this and it seems to have worked perfectly. I’m not able to post the link but it’s called “Remove Duplicate Cards” and then has some Chinese characters, I assume easy to find on Ankiweb.

(Simple steps: tools-> add plugin-> add plug in number → restart anki → tools → delete duplicates → set parameters for recognizing duplicates (in my case order, but could be the word, etc.) → make plan → execute plan).

Glad to hear you’ve found something that works for you, but for future reference, right clicking or ctrl+clicking on the column headers will let you choose which are shown.

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