Building from source fails at rust config

I can’t build from source; the process fails with

     Running `out/rust/debug/configure`
failed: build:configure
Failed to execute: /rust/debug/configure

Build failed.

Is there a way to get a more verbose output for this?
Since the configure file is binary and I don’t know what sources it works with, I can’t get any more info about what’s going wrong.

I am working with a 64 bit Debian 12 system.
The latest commit I can build is 740528ea.


More like

sudo apt purge ninja-build

I had actually installed n2 a few weeks prior, because the build no longer worked with ninja. Looks like ninja needs to be removed though.

Btw, the docs mention ninja or n2 as a requirement, but I think it should be changed to just n2.

There was a brief period where ninja was broken, but has been fixed as far as I’m aware. n2 is preferentially used if found, and the issue you faced was due to n2 not being the version from tools/install-n2. The purge/clean probably did not help.

The n2 I had previously was also installed with tools/install-n2.
Does I need to keep it up to date manually?

Not regularly, but Anki is now taking advantages of some added options+fixes.

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