Bug report: Error thrown on search

When I search for the hebrew word:


I get the error below.

If I remove the “geresh” symbols (the apostrophes) no error is thrown.

Steps to repro:

  • browse cards
  • paste value in the Search edit
  • hit Enter
  • Get error

On Windows 10
Anki: גרסה ⁨2.1.45 (355e66e8)⁩

(I run Anki in Hebrew, so the messages etc are in Hebrew. I expect you can repro quickly with the steps above)

The toolkit appears to be converting them into ASCII double quotes, which have special meaning to Anki. I’m afraid you’ll need to escape them as mentioned in the error message to work around the issue.

Welllllll, escaping them is kind of not a thing. (That is slang, sorry. The literal meaning is: "No normal user would ever think to escape those characters, and asking a normal user to do that means that Anki is not appropriate for mass use.)


Because the “problem” character is an integral part of THOUSANDS of words in Modern Hebrew. That character is an integral part of both Modern and Rabbinic Hebrew.

IOW: This problem directly affects many thousands of Anki users, current and future.

The problem is in Anki (or the toolkit or whatever layer). It is not a user issue. It is an application issue.

You wrote the example above in italics, which caused the double quotes to appear slanted, and I thought you had used actual geresh characters. You had not - your example above is a standard ASCII double quote. If you enter in a word with actual geresh characters like דּוּ״חַ‎, the search does work correctly. If you can’t easily type that character, then you can use apostrophes instead, eg דּוּ’'חַ (Geresh - Wikipedia)