Bug: Cloze correction doesn't work as expected

In this pic, I missed “the” and “s” of places, and added a redundant “the” before access. What I typed is “Police can invoke law to regulate the access to these place”. So it shouldn’t show “the” and “s” in the first line.​ It used to work normally in 2.1.53 Qt5 while now I’m using 2.1.56 Qt6.

Has already been reported, it’s due to a recent change in library by Anki, see the linked topic for more info

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Thanks, I will check it.

I updated to 2.1.57 to get rid of it, but failed. The issue still exists.

CardID: 1667632350430

What I typed: He bribed one of these guard to smuggle out a note
Answer: He bribed one of the guards to smuggle out a note

And the problem does not only occur in particular cards. I found it worked the same way as Anki 2.1.56.

That looks like expected behaviour to me, though your custom color scheme makes things a bit more confusing. Error highlighting after typing the answer

I missed the “s” in “guards”. When the answer is shown, it should not display the “s” in the first line. I suppose the first line should be the exact text I typed and the only change is some errors will be coloured. At least, in 2.1.53, it works like I said.

Older Anki verisons would have shown ‘-’ instead of ‘s’ in the top row. The question is whether that’s legitimately better, or just what people are used to.

Yes, I have got it wrong. But I prefer the old one. In my opinion, the first line should try to keep it the same as we typed, and the second line should be the answer. Anki is supposed to give a contrast between them. Maybe it is by colour, or by symbol like ‘-’ and space. And it shouldn’t change our input.
There is another example:
What I typed: to
Answer: of
it will display ‘tof’ in the first line, which is rather confusing.

Another example in which I typed ‘night’ instead of ‘evening’. I have disabled the previous css.
My suggestion is to at least allow users to choose between the older strategy and the new one.
I even thought of rolling back to 2.1.53. :sweat:
Plus: if there is a chance of keeping the input users typed, it is better.

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