Bug: 2.1.56, Qt 6   is rendered after mathjax formula


& nbsp; is pasted as text every time I press space after mathjax inline block.
If there is a text between mathjax inline block and text, then it doesn’t happen.

Anki Desktop 2.1.56, Qt 6

Tested on:

  • Linux (Kubuntu 20.04)
  • Windows 11.

How to reproduce

  1. Add card
  2. press Ctrl+M,M
  3. put cursor outside of the formula
  4. press space

Temporary solution:
downgrade back to 2.1.54

I’m don’t know how HTML code looks, but that’s how it is rendered.

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Thanks for the detailed report.

The issue was reported recently by another user (https://forums.ankiweb.net/t/2-1-56-qt6-pressing-space-after-mathjax-inserts-nbsp-with-escaped/26147), and has already been fixed in the current development code, so the fix should be included in the next release.


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