BR automatically added after MJ block

Running on b9fd6688d28e6d17b63ec5e42753fb878160b94d

I’ve got a card whose field content is

<anki-mathjax block="true">\{\phi\in V': \phi(u)=0 \text{ for all } u\in U\}.</anki-mathjax><br>

And I can’t remove the <br> from the normal field display.
Worse, if I do the natural thing which is to press the delete button to remove the new-line, it removes the whole mathjax, which is clearly not what I expected (but I see that ctrl-Z is back, so thanks a lot for that!)

I understand that a block should have nothing else on its line, and showing this new line as soon as there is a single character makes full sens. However, when I am editing, it takes extra space in the field list, and also add an extra break line in the note content that I’m not looking for since the block quote should be enough to get proper html

Since no one has the bandwidth to work on the MathJax issues at the moment, the fastest solution is probably going to be Provide opt-out of MathJax live preview · Issue #1942 · ankitects/anki · GitHub