Best strategy for creating decks

Hi All: I’ve read through the documentation about using decks appropriately and creating fewer decks across broad categories. However, I’m still wondering how to best structure my decks when I’m using Anki to study for specific technical certification exams? Wouldn’t it still be a good idea to create a deck for each cert so I don’t have to study it anymore once I pass the exam? Or is it still recommended to lump all technical cert questions into a single deck, and tag each card for the cert it pertains to?

You don’t need a separate deck to discard notes later, as you can easily display and act on selection of tagged notes as well.

BTW: While a lot of students use Anki to prepare for the next exam and discard their decks as soon as they have passed, you should consider keeping your notes and reviewing them forever to maintain your knowledge.

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Thank you. And great point about studying exam notes forever.

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