Babbel2Anki: any experience?

I installed the extension of Google Chrome “Babbel2Anki”, and it works with Anki Desktop (through its extension “Anki Connect”).

But: despite the claim of the author that his extension: “Adds only new words (which are not in the deck)” [GitHub - pavelgordon/babbel2anki-chrome-extension: Chrome Extension which imports and syncs Babbel vocabulary to Anki. Supports auto-syncing, customising deck and card template for syncing.] his extension creates every time i sync Babbel and Anki a new set of notes and cards.
which is very annoying and makes this sync-extension of chrome useless.
has anyone another experience or a workaround?

thanks for any help and hint !


since the author of this extension didn’t even care to learn how ANKI works, he put the translation of a word in a field called “extra info”, which makes it impossible (or very labourious) to construct reverse cards.

so instead of putting more energy in a workaround, i just killed the chrome extension, of course with a zero rating in google chrome.