Avoiding new flashcards from same day

Hi, I would appreciate any help on this

In a study session, is it possible to avoid the new flashcards that were created early on the same day?

It happens that in my routine, I create new flashcards early in the morning. So, when I do the study session (after lunch) they are still fresh on my mind and it’s easy to get them right. So I would like to avoid the very news flashcards and get only new flashcards of the past days.

There is no “setting” to do that, but there are a few things you can try to make it happen.

  • If those are all/most of your New cards – when you’re done with your morning creating time, search for added:1 and manually bury those cards. They’ll become available in the New-queue tomorrow.
  • If you have a queue of New cards built up already – make sure that the newest New cards are added to the end of the New-queue. Use “Deck” or “Ascending” as your New Card Gather Order (Deck Options - Anki Manual) and make sure your Insertion Order (Deck Options - Anki Manual) is “Sequential”.

Thanks a lot! It’s exactly what I was looking for!

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