Avoid accidental double click


I’m using an Assistive tool to send the keyboard commands for the Anki Desktop whie reviewing, and I’m having problems with accidental double clicking (i.e., I send Spacebar once, but it’s registered twice).

It’s not possible to fix in the Assistive tool, so the solution for me would be to have it on Anki.

Ankidroid already has this option. It’s called “Double tap time interval”. I think Ankimobile also has it.

I found an add-on that does that for the front of the card, but not for the back: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1409134430 . Someone requested that the add-on included the back, too, but had no answer: Feature request: make this addon work on the back of a card as well. · Issue #4 · trgkanki/noeasy · GitHub


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