Automatic Basic to Cloze in 2.1.45

There’s a wonderful old addon called “Automatic Basic to Cloze” (found here - Automatic Basic to Cloze - AnkiWeb). It has not been updated for a while and no longer works in current versions of Anki. I tried without success to contact the creator via Patreon to see if I could pay him to expedite the updating of the add-on to make it compatible with 2.1.45 (which is a great edition otherwise!). Sadly I haven’t been able to reach him.

Is there anybody on here I could pay to make this addon work in 2.1.45? Or to create a similar add-on that has the same functionality? If so, please contact me on here. Thanks much.

(Also, I think the service provided in this add-on should be a native part of Anki)

I got in touch with him by EMAIL. It would try to upgrade “ASAP”. I’ve already tried to change the code to update, but there are many changes in the ANKI code, and I’m not a specialist in the area.