Auto advance setting answer to Easy

Is it possible to make auto advance setting the choice to Easy? Easy is missing in the list in the auto advance settings.

Is it possible to run auto advance when iPhone screen is locked?

Thanks in advance for helping with the auto advance😁

If every card is easy, it makes more sense to adjust your deck options to change the interval multiplier or initial ease.

I’m afraid iOS limitations do not allow the app to run while the device is asleep.

Yes, I have generated 10 sentences for each 1 word. So I don’t need the system to remind me them, I just want auto advance to go through them once. Unless I specify Good or Hard.
But auto advance makes Good, that causes unnecessary repeat within 10 min.

Why Easy option is unavailable for Auto Adv.?
Maybe I could set to Bury the card for AutAdv…

Because people typically use the feature for the opposite use case: to manually rate cards, and automatically answer again or hard if they fail to answer a card quickly enough.

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