Audio not playing automatically on review

I’ve just installed Anki on my new iPhone. Unlike on my old phone, when I review a card, the audio does not play automatically. I need to press the play icon on the card to hear it. Is this a bug, or feature?

Please see Is there any way to enable auto-pronunciation in AnkiMobile? - #2 by dae

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Maybe there should be a notification or something like that: the first time an audio content is not automatically played because the phone is in mute / vibrate mode, you could have a little pop-up explaining that a sound should have been played, but it has not because […], and this behavior can be changed in the settings.

The muting is handled by iOS, and I don’t think Apple expose a public interface to check the status of the mute switch, so it would likely require resorting to hacks to try and determine.