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Audio no longer works

Hello everyone,
The audio is no longer working.
When I press the red button (record sound) an error message appears and the sound does not record.
On the other hand all the packages created for 6 years work correctly but if I want to add a new card → same problem ??? I searched for a solution but did not found.

What was the error message?
Try the steps in this FAQs page: Errors when recording - Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Abdo,
A thousand thanks for looking into my problem.
When I press the red button:
1- This first message appears :

Exception in thread Thread-3:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 551, in __bootstrap_inner
File “anki\”, line 255, in run
File “thirdparty\”, line 705, in open
File “thirdparty\”, line 387, in init
IOError: [Errno Unanticipated host error] -9999

→ during this time, the stopwatch behind the error message, counts the seconds.

2- I close the error message
3- I then stop the stopwatch
4- This second message appears :

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “aqt\”, line 791, in onRecSound
UnicodeEncodeError: ‘ascii’ codec can’t encode character u’\xe8’ in position 5: ordinal not in range(128)

→ On my card I don’t have audio

Best regards

This is the same as the error message in the FAQ page I posted, so check your microphone permission:

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Hello abdo,

Thanks for your help.
Indeed, the authorization for ANKI was deactivated, (we are progressing …)
Now when I activate recording (red button) to record a sentence → no error message, the audio is copied to the card at the same time as I hear it BUT when I press " show map »-> audio does not start or … ??? I do not hear anything ?
The microphone is positioned on stereo Mix as I have always done


Where is exactly this “show map” button? If you want to hear the recording again in the editor after it had been recorded, you can click the Cards button to see a preview of the card and hear the recording.

Hello Abdo,
Thanks for your help. Apparently we don’t have the same ANKI setup but I think overall, with a few exceptions, the app works more or less the same.
Attached some photos to clarify my explanations
Kind regards

Not sure what’s causing the problem exactly, but I recommend first trying updating to the latest version. You appear to be using Anki 2.0 which is no longer supported. Recent versions have audio improvements that could fix your problem.

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Hello Abdo,
One last small clarification before moving on to the new version because I would really like to understand and finalize this discussion.
I exported the last package built on anki, which causes me audio problem, to my old MSI Windows7.
Apparently I have the same 2 versions of Anki (?) On MSI (10 years) and Lenovo Windows 10 (6 months) → see attached files
I was able to record the audios on MSI then I exported this package again to Lenovo where I hear the audios as before but I still cannot build a card where I would hear the recording with Lenovo.
In Anki’s compatibilities on my 2 PCs, I don’t see Windows 10! As you said this version would be obsolete or incompatible (suddenly? That’s what I’m having trouble with)
In any case, many thanks for your precious help

I don’t think changing the compatibility setting will help.
Most features in Anki 2.0 should continue to work for now (except syncing, which broke a while ago).
Do you have problems hearing recordings recorded in your Lenovo? Try using the Record audio function in the editor and see if that works. Maybe the problem is with audios coming from your MSI.

I uninstalled ANKI 2.0 and replaced with 2.1.47

  • Audio is recorded as before on the new card
  • Microphone authorization is enabled for Anki
  • PC recording is on stereo mix (-> I use an application to create the audio)
    -All packages created since 2014 are working correctly
    BUT for new cards → NO SOUND
    I don’t know where to look anymore!
    If this was the PC to blame, I don’t think I would hear anything from any of the cards, right?
    Thanks for your help
    état du micro

Hmm, does recording in other apps (e.g. Voice Recorder on Windows 10) work?

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Hello Abdo, I was really starting to despair but your last intervention showed me the way ; by doing the tests you recommended and as is often the case, it was stupid! We always say that when we have found it !!!
Thank you very much, have a good WE

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