Audio Clicks in 2.1 (Bug Report)

When Anki 2.1 plays a damaged audio file, I hear a very loud click at consistent spots in the audio. Undamaged audio files work as intended. I’ve tested this in 2.1.15, 2.1.40, and 2.1.43, and every version of 2.1 that I’ve tried has this audio problem. 2.0.52 on the other hand has no problems playing these damaged files with no distortion or errors. The MacOS file browser also has no problems playing the audio accurately. Audacity, though, fails to open the audio. I tested the exact same audio files for reference.

This problem is not caused by add-ons, because I can start the program with all add-ons disabled and the problem is still present. The problem is also not resolved by restarting my computer, verifying the integrity of the collection, or closing and re-opening Anki.

Thanks for your work.

I wouldn’t call this a bug if the audio file is damaged :slight_smile:
The difference in behavior between versions could be caused by different mpv versions (or other audio players) being used by Anki.

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If Audacity fails to open the file, it’s indeed damaged and should not be used.

If you know which files are damaged, you may be able to work around the issue by using a bulk-encoding program to re-encode them. The playback is handled by an external tool, and I’m afraid it’s not practical to change to a different one just to try to solve this issue.