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Asking users to provide as much information as they can

when creating new topics, as you type in the title, in preview there is something like “Your topic is similar to…”.

i was wondering if it’s possible to show something like that in preview, before users write anything, and ask them to provide information and details about their issues.
there are instructions on how to ask good questions and what users can do to help people find out what’s wrong.

to me it makes more sense if that was shown when users had some issues and were trying to report them, not as a welcome message that 90% of people ignore.

i think if the Asking good questions (or at least a link to that page) was in the preview, we would see less topics that provide almost no info about their issues.

A link is pinned to the top - perhaps you already closed it so it no longer appears for you?

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i think i have :expressionless:
but it makes more sense if it was in preview too. as they will see it every time they ask a question.

I’m not sure how much control Discourse gives me over that screen. And one of the design decisions they made is that pinned topics disappear after being read/dismissed - forcing a message in front of the user over and over again seems to run counter to that.

right, i don’t know how this works tbh.
i was just wondering if that was possible.
no big deal if that’s not possible tho :slight_smile: