Asking help for development of "anki-slideshow"

Hello dear Anki community

I’m reaching out to you because honestly my programing skills sucks!

the problem is I want to review passively my cards on my kindle! and other browsers, until a few months a go, Ankiweb had a classic version and Kindle browser was able to render the page but it’s not around anymore. After searching and searching finally I found a way around it,

GitHub - powerpak/anki-slideshow: A Sinatra app for showing Anki flashcards in a slideshow on a webpage. by Theodore , installed it(with a lot of pain and headache) on my Pi and now I can passively review my cards on my pc browser or kindle browser while I’m home.

the problem is that the add-on is not compatible with Anki 2.1 and I have to install two different version of Anki to be able to use the app.

I would really appreciate it if someone please could take a look at it: updating add-on and even perhaps adding more features to app like “tag” support.

live demo of app by Theodore